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Quick thought

Guns don’t kill people, cops kill people.


Mobile post from Windows Phone

How does one add images and paste from the clipboard when mobile posting? Read the rest of this entry

OK, so what happens once something is posted?

I’ve made a couple of initial, short posts on this blog just to get my feet wet.  I’m not having difficulty with getting something “out there” but I’m curious about something. These little meaningless posts I’ve put up have been “liked” by others.  I don’t think they were anything special to speak of, but for some reason, others felt otherwise.

Now I’m not so ‘net naïve that I don’t know people go all over the place giving thumbs up and liking what others have written, but I think there’s something more going on. I’m questioning whether or not this is some software, some ‘bot, that’s liking what I wrote.

So, do you really like my blogging or do you just want me to look at your blog? Also, why are you sending your software to do your work for you?

Anyway, I can admit to a pleasant feeling when I thought you may have “liked” me. Don’t we all just want to be liked? Guess it doesn’t matter then who or what likes me. I’m still flattered by your interest.  

So, please like me again.



First Mobile Post

This is also just to see if I know what I’m doing.

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone on my Nokia Lumia 920

This is the first post

It’s a test post to see if I know what I’m doing.

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