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Sorely Needed Update

I haven’t added in a month or two, so it’s time.

Have you ever tried to move a boulder? I mean a big round rock. You know, it’s really hard to get it started. It takes lot’s of energy, strength, power to get it going. Pushing, using a lever, or having someone help you, you’ll do whatever it takes to get it going and then, it moves a little. It almost feels lighter as it moves. And then with that little bit of forward motion,  it gets easier and easier.  The pushing required becomes less and less.

Well, many of my plans and projects are currently in “boulder stage”. It’s been hard to get them moving.

But once started, they’ll become easier and easier.

And so it’s time. So here I am.



What’s a glob?

Is it a blog or a glob? Well, today I’m introducing my Glob Blog.

(this is the first post and it’s coming from my phone as a test of look and feel.)

Glob Blog will be about me and my life journey. Glob Blog comes from my years, now almost two full decades of living with cryoglobulinemia. It’s a medical condition. There will be much more to come about this.

But this won’t be just a medical blog. As I said, it’s about a life journey. There will be much more to come about this as well.

Talk soon.

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