Please, Baby Boomers, mark your calendars

Liver disease, liver cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, and an increasingly poor quality of life is what’s in store if your Hepatitis C goes untreated. It’s true, and it’s not fun, believe me.

Here’s another fun fact: Baby boomers, those born in the years 1945 to 1965, account for more than 75% of the cases of Hepatitis C.  (See the CDC page Here )

If you think you may have been exposed, even in the slightest manner, it’s really nothing to get tested and could be the one thing that prevents a very serious downhill slide in your life, your healthy life.

The second annual National Hepatitis Testing Day is May 19, 2013.  Mark your calendar and go get tested.


Hey look, I’m a regular guy, married to the sweetest woman in the world, a Dad, sports guy, good time music lover, just me, you know.  I was infected. And you know what:  it doesn’t really matter how, it happened. I dealt with it.

Now after treatment (perhaps more about this at a later date) I can continue on virus free. The medical advances are there and better ones are coming. Get tested. Get treated. Don’t wait.


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    The importance of this just can’t be stressed enough! If you lived through the 1960’s – regardless of whether you remember it 😉 – ask your doctor to order a Hep C blood test. If you’re lucky and the test rules Hep C out, breathe free and donate some blood at your nearest Red Cross as a “Thank You”. If test can’t rule it out, stop ALL drinking (even beer & wine) immediately and ask your Doctor what else you can do to prevent or slow down serious damage to your liver. If you also have, or suspect you may have, Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HH, HFE, “Celtic Curse”, “The Bronze Killer”) you are at a much higher risk for contracting Hep C and are more likely to have trouble clearing it, so don’t delay!

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